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Undergrowth is a 3D Puzzle Platformer where an elderly pika Grandmother goes on an adventure to find her family who are lost within a land of fractured islands and evil spirits.

I was one of two writers on this project, and focused again on script writing. I was heavily involved in the development of the characters in-game, the building of the world and backstory surrounding it, and the research into Oriental folklore, horticulture, and environments. I was also in charge of administration behind the scene such as producing business plans and market research. I also undertook the task of QA testing and bug logging after multiple playtesting sessions showed a few exploitable bugs, working both with programmers and designers to find solutions to them.

Position: Script writer, researcher and technical writer, world builder, QA tester and bug logger, character developer, quest writer. 

A version of the finished game was uploaded to which can be located here:

Duration of Project: Nine Months

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