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Video Games


2015: Boned

Boned is a 2D Platformer featuring Skele-Tom and a selection of other characters with Halloween related pun names.

I developed the world and the characters for this small project, along with taking on a leadership position to ensure good timekeeping and allocation of resources. I also designed some of the UI and produced 2D artwork due to team constraints. 


Position: Sole writer, world builder, character developer, and team leader.


Duration of project: Ten Days.  

2015: TED the Caver

TED the Caver is a 3D Narrative Exploration focusing on a Mars Rover searching for water.

I wrote an entire email system which the main character was linked to providing you insight into the people you were collecting water for. Along with multiple endings determined by the players actions. I also assisted artists with the concepts for both the character and the landscape. 

Position: Sole writer, dialogue writer, character developer, and backstory developer.

Duration of Project: One Month.

2018: Ninja Bat

Ninja Bat is a 3D Rail Arcade game featuring a Ninja Bat who had to dodge procedurally generated obstacles.

I was part of a small team for the Global Game Jam and helped develop this game over the course of one weekend. I was involved in coming up with the initial concept and providing a brief backstory, providing concept art and small enemy bios for the artists. I also assisted in finding audio and SFX for the team.

Position: Backstory writer, audio technician, concept artist.

Duration of Project: Two Days.  



Other Projects 

Interactive Fiction

2017: Fibonacci Zombie Story

An interactive twine game where the choices form a diamond in the Fibonacci sequence, going from 1-8, then back again.

I developed this small story while testing out the Twine engine, which has multiple branching paths, and follows the Fibonacci sequence. I used the Fibonacci sequence to challenge the way I wrote, and limit the number of choices I could give the player. From the very beginning there are 'end' choices that will lead you back to the beginning, and while there is a 'definitive end', there are no particularly happy endings.

Duration of time on Project: One Week.

Roleplaying Games

2017: Dicks and Dames

As part of a Games Writing specialism project, we were asked to compose narrative games. Due to my interest in tabletop roleplaying games, I designed an RPG system set in 1920s America, along with a beginner's scenario involving police corruption, moles, and miscellaneous encounters. The system was loosely based on the Apocalypse World system, and involved archetypes such as the Godfather, the Goon, the Enforcer, and the Iron-Jockey. The set also came with a composed list of slang and insults commonly used in the 1920s. 

Duration of Project: Four Months.

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