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My Uncle Thomas



My Uncle Thomas is a 3D Narrative Puzzle game focusing around 3 stages in a man's life; childhood, adulthood, and elderhood. The titular character, Thomas, suffers from dementia and is recounting the tale of his life to his niece. The ending of the story changes by collecting collectibles throughout the levels, with there being three different end states.  

I was one of two writers on this project, and focused mainly on script writing, research, and managing team morale. While writing the dialogue for this game, I also worked with one of our designers to find voice actors, record dialogue, and produce sound effects. I oversaw team morale by staging weekly competitions in the team with small prizes for the victors, and arranging team social events.

Position: Researcher and technical writer, script writer, world builder, morale officer, audio technician, VA technician.

The project was developed as our main project during our second year at university, however, it fell apart four months into development. We rebuilt the project from scratch over four months to produce the best quality project we could in the time remaining, and a trailer can be found here: 

Duration of Project: Eight Months.

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